Prototype 1

La Revue des Ondes

Premier objet de la série “Prototype” pour La Revue des Ondes

Regarder en face
Tirer des lignes
Filer des liens
Tendre des perches
Suivre les flèches
Fixer l’horizon
Sortir du cadre
Entrer dans l’image
Aller à la pêche
Remplir la grille
Faire du bruit
Noircir le tableau
Être droit
Confronter le réel
Douter de soi
Prendre son temps

La Mécanique des B(ea/i)ts (extended)


Deuxième et dernière étape de travail pour la collaboration entre Dimitri Tsiapkinis & [PH] (Ramboz) avant la présentation de la création pour « On marche »… Festival International de danse contemporaine à Marrakech.

Les Vers de la Mort


Les Vers de la Mort (Hélinand de Froidmont) – 2014 Album 4 track, Marie Möör + Divers Quand Laurent Chambert m’a envoyé le lien vers la maquette, j’ai directement appuyé sur “lecture”, volume à fond, nez collé à ma feuille, dessinant une figure abstraite sur le papier. Il ne me semble pas avoir levé…


GEPHI render, detail

For over a decade, I’ve been mapping my social information flow network. This map, entitled “Combinatoire ou la Hiérarchie des Réseaux” has been rendered trough hierarchical layout, using open-source tools such as graphviz and more specificaly the dot engine and language. Those were the most advanced tools when i began using them. Now, while those…

Full Sized Wallpapers


Two at once The private exhibition “va voir hier si j’y suis !” features two 2.15 m X 5.5 m large wall papers running around a stairway and a corridor at a friend’s appartment.



Hosted Some of my friend invited me to present some of my wallpapers & photomaps as part of a private & collective exhibition in Tours(FR). Other guest artists are Shihhan Shaw and Laurent Benoist. The show will last from March 10th to 31st of 2012. More info : Here

Les Hommes Verts

Green is not Grey Just finished designing a website for “Les hommes verts“. This group of people is in charge of a local music festival set-up in a dairy farm…


More undusted and digitalized works

Mocromontage has been rereleased on bandcamp. My second studio album. Produced and released in 2001 was originally issued as a 100 copy CD.
You may listen, buy and eventually download it from bandcamp.

The 4th

8 years later … I’m proud and happy to announce the digital release of my new album : “Synthetic Field Recordings”. 8 years after R.A.Z. This collection of track is very different from the previous ones in many aspect. Most track are not studio but live works and have been produced in collaboration with people…


“yet another artefact” Yet another release from my cardboards. I finally put my hands on one of the 100 copies from my third and, so far, last album : R*A*Z. It has been produced in 2003 as a compilation of many studio work without initial connection between them. The track are sorted from the shortest…


2 handled work Based on pictures taken by Azeline Ménigon at The tate gallery in London, here is the first of 2011 wallpapers. Bigger & easier to see version here

Mail Forward Map V2.62

// Combinatoire ou la hierarchie des reseaux // Mail Forward Map V2.62 // 21/09/2011 The last (but not least) version of the social network map that i’ve been working on for the last decade. Every single person who sent me a multirecipent e.mail is listed in this map as a red dot. The blue dots…

Red Video

Cloud Music For Azeline Ménigon aka In Particular, I designed this vidéo to illustrate her song called : “Demande au Séisme”. A. Menigon (voice, guitar & bass) / S. Perrusson (drums) / J. Fante (text)


Late at last !

Thick & Dark… The new LP release by The Other Color is a cold landscape tinted of pop and beats… Far from 361, they (his) previous album, we are invited to dive in a vaporous sound architecture. Its hard not to compare it to the analog progressive music of the 80’s and not to which you were able to see the sound of it. A blind listening, closed eyes in a dark room, wide stereo in a quiet room, late in the evening, around 22 with a glass of  fine red wine. Turn the turntable on and pump up the volume untill you can ear the needle scratching the groove. It’s like suede when it’s loud. Track 6 gets you close to JM Jarre or Vangelis wile making you smile as what you thought was sad at first sight, turns out to be sarcastic. I love when music is tuned in with semantics to describe potential spaces. I think about the synthetic lines in track 5 transforming into dance music after being simply noisy and meeting later some gigantic electric harps having a chat with some birds diving in a pink noise & some shy sin waves at the gate of a 50hz factory and ends up as an american old fashioned serie intermission theme with rock accents then flanges et bites a strike of distorted guitar and bright synth just before the silence. It tells and it takes… I can’t even tell if it is music ! As with Eliane Radigue, who with subtle variation drags the ear of the assistance as well as its eyes, this opus is also a visual experience.

The Motion Picture Show Stand Alone

Yet another website The motion picture show is a performance featuring live music mix over a video stream made out of movie teasers. I played several times alone.  It evolved recently trough a collaboration with Maud Martin who took the duty of buildingthe video part. I decided to create a standalone website for it.  There it…


After the end and before the beginning … Grautag, codename LDRR#027, is a double 12″ vinyl record featuring Bader Motor aka Fred Bigot (electronicat), Vincent Epplay and Arnaud Maguet and mastered by Norsq as part of the eponymous record collection presented by Nicolas Moulin for “Les Disques en Rotin Réunis” … Yet the list of…

The Devil Comes

So Big Boogers is a one man band. I’ve been knowing him for over a decade and followed the evolution of his music closely. His last album is to die for. Some dirty sounding pop music with classic punk accents. Its colorful and surprising. Yet its nothing compared to his live performances which are really…

the Motion Picture Show (trailer 1)

Split & Merge & Mix & Remix The Motion Picture Show is a live performance featuring Video and Audio remixes of Movie trailer by DidouPh aka Pierre-Henri RAMBOZ (myself) and Maud Martin. More than a regular live Veejay & Deejay performance, it is a snapshot of the contemporary mood … a visionary replay of the…

Font Galore

Times is no longuer up to date UN/STAGE’s blog, features a selection of Free and freaking good and inovative fonts … All those fonts are fit for modern graphic design. These a re going to blow a breathe of fresh air over my old font collection. Visit ! Download ! Enjoy !

Climpse 1.1

Kerned A big update to the Climpse Font. I redesigned some glyphs (M,m …) and kerned most leters to get the font fit for long texte rendering. Its pretty clean and light but still needs some fine tuning around the “t” and punctuation. Most Occidental & western european glyphs are embedded in the font. More…


Ogives de bonheur, vent de solitude, spirale de candeur From September 4th to October 30th, works by Jérôme Poret will be featured at the “Galerie Frédéric Giroux“. The window will feature works by Nathalie Bles. Vernissage will take place on September 4th From 18:00 to 21:00. I’m pleased to announce such an event since i’ve…

Front Font

Another way to read I just altered the theme for my website with a font from Google Font Directory. Wile searching the web for a place to get a Typo to make my blog looks more like more an old newspaper, i discovered this handful Google Code project. This is yet another web service offered…

Climpse 1.0

Clean & Simple A clean and simple font designed with Inkscape & Font-Forge. I designed it as a title font. I will add book and other variant since i intend to make it a full fledged, all purpose font with its yet modern but easy to read layout … Some leters and kerning needs to…

In Praise of Shadow

“Look closely at the most embarrassing details and amplify them.” (Brian ENO & Peter SCHMIDT – Oblique Strategies Fifth edition.) My distrust in black and white photography led me to get more and more involved into it … The book by Jun’Ichiro Tanizaki is a perfect example of the quest i endeavoured… I work in…

Out of the amp

Easy Cheezy “m2 is unadorned expressions with the guitar, written, recorded and conceived exactly as it first spills out of the amp. never planned, always improvised. I cannot recreate these pieces. all music by eric san juan. sample these sounds at will.” I came across this website wile browsing the web at random, seeking for…

Update to portfolio

More Commercial ! Some update got committed to the portfolio section of the site. It features, among other, a commercial designed for Elle Magazine and published in February … Commercial Portfolio