Salon Nyctalope

by [PH]
Happy Birthday Elisabeth

Live recording of the MPS performance which took place in Tours (france) @ Salon Nyctalope.

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Red Video

by [PH]

Cloud Music

For Azeline Ménigon aka In Particular, I designed this vidéo to illustrate her song called : “Demande au Séisme”.

A. Menigon (voice, guitar & bass) / S. Perrusson (drums) / J. Fante (text)


The Devil Comes

by [PH]

So Big

Boogers is a one man band. I’ve been knowing him for over a decade and followed the evolution of his music closely. His last album is to die for. Some dirty sounding pop music with classic punk accents. Its colorful and surprising. Yet its nothing compared to his live performances which are really some of the best and most uncommon ones.

This (unofficial) promo video fits perfectly into the messy world Boogers draws with his music. Porn stars from the 70′s, caught in action. Only faces and torso are visible. You can guess it means a lot of hair. The Devil (if you look upon my face) is yet one of the best tune of his album (As Clean As Possible) . Now, with this video collage made by Alban Passot, it turns out to be one of the best and most hilarious music video ever…

Boogers – The Devil (revisited by lojeanz)

Boogers on MySpace


the Motion Picture Show (trailer 1)

by [PH]

Split & Merge & Mix & Remix

The Motion Picture Show is a live performance featuring Video and Audio remixes of Movie trailer by DidouPh aka Pierre-Henri RAMBOZ (myself) and Maud Martin. More than a regular live Veejay & Deejay performance, it is a snapshot of the contemporary mood … a visionary replay of the advertisement flow & entertainment virus. It’s a spin off from a personal project held from 2000 to 2003 in various places around europe and France (Emmetrop, RIXC, La Laiterie …). The MPS tends not to push any statement forward and thus, despite the fact that it tends to organise several messages and discourses as one to summarize the average and overall spirit of the discourse spoken by the Moving Images show business ! The first performance be held October 8th 2010 in a place that none of the performers can tell since its kept secret by the organiser.

Stay in touch … more info will come soon !