Prototype 1

La Revue des Ondes

Premier objet de la série “Prototype” pour La Revue des Ondes

Regarder en face
Tirer des lignes
Filer des liens
Tendre des perches
Suivre les flèches
Fixer l’horizon
Sortir du cadre
Entrer dans l’image
Aller à la pêche
Remplir la grille
Faire du bruit
Noircir le tableau
Être droit
Confronter le réel
Douter de soi
Prendre son temps

Red Video

Cloud Music For Azeline Ménigon aka In Particular, I designed this vidéo to illustrate her song called : “Demande au Séisme”. A. Menigon (voice, guitar & bass) / S. Perrusson (drums) / J. Fante (text)

The Devil Comes

So Big Boogers is a one man band. I’ve been knowing him for over a decade and followed the evolution of his music closely. His last album is to die for. Some dirty sounding pop music with classic punk accents. Its colorful and surprising. Yet its nothing compared to his live performances which are really…

the Motion Picture Show (trailer 1)

Split & Merge & Mix & Remix The Motion Picture Show is a live performance featuring Video and Audio remixes of Movie trailer by DidouPh aka Pierre-Henri RAMBOZ (myself) and Maud Martin. More than a regular live Veejay & Deejay performance, it is a snapshot of the contemporary mood … a visionary replay of the…

Paint It Gray

Grey noise and grey ink As part of the “Festival de poche” Dominique Spiessert, a visual artist, got invited to “perform” his art live and interact with a musician… A saxophonist was scheduled to improvise sound wile “dodo” would improvise drawings … but unfortunately, the instrumentalist declined the offer and Dominique got left alone … Luckily,…

The Motion Picture Show

cut & paste & trash & pile & mix & compress & eat The Motion Picture Show is a live performance I designed as an evolutive one. Its actually two performances at once. A visual and a musical one at once. The process of the motion picture show is to gather video data from the…


Yet another feature… 23’17” is a collective art show designed as a music score rning trough space. I designed for Jérôme Poret, the model for his work as part of the exhibition. This model is featured on Mains d’Œuvres’s website . Exhibition September4 th – October 25th 2009 Opening reception Friday, September 4th > 8…

Agnus-A : Requiem Remix feat. W.A. Mozart

The Agnus Dei is a trance prayer sung / said by the congregation / mass during any mass. Its the most hypnotic of all chants in ht requiem. It aims to put the audience deep in condition for the mystical ritual that will take place later during the celebration. Repetition is the key ! (this…