Rubin Steiner : More Weird Hits

We all have a couple of friend who are part of a music band. They often needs support and feedback, especially to fill the audience when they perform. I’m pretty happy to know some people in the “Rubin Steiner Neue Band” and so am i damn proud they don’t need support from me.


Tracklist :

1 Faster – inédit
2 Kiss Richard (edit by 25 hours a day)
3 Another Record Story (edit by 25 hours a day)
4 Take Your Time (edit by 25 hours a day)
5 Sor Floy (by Hypo & EDH)
6 Black Black Disco – inédit
7 All Right ! – inédit
8 Another Record Story (remix by Fortune)
9 1974.5 (a silviphoebic revision by O.Lamm)
10 Take Your Time (remix by Bosco)
11 Kiss Richard  (remix by iOlogic)
12 Love Me Or Leave Me (with Mme Douze)

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