Who is “I” ?

“I” is me and “I” am Pierre-Henri RAMBOZ also known as DidouPh or more recently [PH].

I’m definitely not that easy to define but this odd DidouPh nickname is more than a “hard to pronounce properly” word but an attempt of definition of myself in a word.

Wile i was a teen, reading Frank Herbert’s “Dune” Saga, in the last tome some detail in the story stuck me deeply. A man with the memories of generations of generations of humans was fighting for his sanity and tryed to concentrate on his very identity. Wile focusing his mind on that very topic and wile the memories and minds kept within his body where fighting against his own and one another. He figured that his very identity has never been in either his name or grade, title of surname … Nowhere in anything that he could easily remember. His name and his “public” identity evolved with time and his successive functions, duty and occupation… He finally figured that despite all of what happened to him, he always had been the “sweet heart” his mother called wile he wasn’t even able to walk or talk.

I’ve never been my mother’s “sweetheart” but I have been her “Didou” and i have been the “Didou” of all the people who i had affection for in my childhood … yet this nickname started to be hard to wear as i became older.  Soon i became “Ph”, Compression of “Pierre-Henri”but also a funny allusion to the “pH” of a solution : a measure of acidity in chemistry. Since I am quite a caustic person, it was often used in a sarcastic way. But soon became my “official” name.

The association of both is yet a positive and a negative addition, and thus a perfect balance between what i was and what i became, what i like and what i hate, what i expect and what i don’t. Plural, but not schizophrenic. It is some kind of projection into the future, a definition of more than just a denomination of Pierre-Henri RAMBOZ which is just an administrative way of calling “I”.

When i recently released my 4th music album, I decided, in accordance with some opinion given to me by friends to shorten my alias as [PH]. Pronounced “f” as in a pink noise. Pink noise is something very important to me. It’s a well balanced mix of all the frequencies that human ear can perceive. Depending on your physical listening condition, you may ear it differently and thus its a good way of measuring how the sound evolves and is absorbed in a given space. There is a relationship between my music and such sounds. Both are used to seek the limits of the environment they are streamed in. Where pink noise is just a physical/mechanical test. My music is a way of exploring and experiencing the ability of human ear and mind to endeavour new ways of listening. My music talks about listening and saying. It’s all about time and space and not words, notes and instrument.

Another way to describe “I” would be from what “I” is doing.

  • I is married. is divorced
  • I have 3 kids.
  • I is a grocery shop manager for O&Co in Tours, France is unemployed and earning most of his income trough making websites fonts and flyers.
  • I am a visual artist
  • I is a sound artist
  • I is a freelance graphic designer
  • I is a freelance webmaster
  • I takes took part in some open-source project in the linux community
  • I is good at fixing computer
  • I is not bad at coding computer scripts & programming
  • I is good at cooking
  • I have a pink guitar, a few laptops and some turntables !