Climpse 1.1

by [PH]


A big update to the Climpse Font. I redesigned some glyphs (M,m …) and kerned most leters to get the font fit for long texte rendering. Its pretty clean and light but still needs some fine tuning around the “t” and punctuation. Most Occidental & western european glyphs are embedded in the font. More glyph will be added to the next releases. Climpse is good but not optimal for screen rendering but is a great font for printed works. This version features a lot of kerning lookups so i made it an OTF font to maximise compatibility. It is released as a freeware for personal and no comercial use.

[ download it ]


Paint It Gray

by [PH]

Grey noise and grey ink

As part of the “Festival de poche” Dominique Spiessert, a visual artist, got invited to “perform” his art live and interact with a musician… A saxophonist was scheduled to improvise sound wile “dodo” would improvise drawings … but unfortunately, the instrumentalist declined the offer and Dominique got left alone … Luckily, that day, i was at the bar located under his apartment and wile we were having a beer together. He told me about his misfortune and embarrassment concerning his show. Ironically, i told him that i could only play laptop and that the contrast between his crappy drawings and my nasty sound would make the audience sick … This joke became quickly a challenge and the battle took place on march 27th at Rodolphe’s house… The audience didn’t get sick and it looked and sounded as a nice blend …

Video footage of the event :

Full audio “live” recording (dodo’s ladder and people wispering, screaming laughing …) :
Paint It Gray – Dodo vs DidouPh @ FDP3_Rodolphe’s

Some pictures of the event by Bertrand Labarre and Fabrice Garate Delgado :

more infos :


The ugly’s blog

by [PH]

The good and the ugly … still looking for the bad .

There is very little to say about Guillain’s Work … but yet a lot to see. I met the guy wile customizing a papertoy for Philanthrops… He was the original designer for the elephant toy aka Fritz… Yet his designs are not very commercial and he’s more of an illustrator than a graphist, there is a lot to enjoy from it. Curly blooming layout with complex laces, melting images… Organic layout and mushrooms everywhere … Some kind of Graphic Dali on Acids…

Guillain le Villain’s Blog

Philantrops / Paper Toys

by [PH]

Custom Elephants

On a friend request, I’m taking part in a Customized Papertoy Show. This show will feature elephant shaped Paper-Toys which will be sold to rise fund for a welfare association. This NGO Helps kids in Nepal and India trough “Philanthrops” fund-rising program.

More info
Official blog post

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