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Human Machine Complex

A new way, a new life ? The following photomap is partly designed in hugin, partly using gimp… Its my first attempt ever to design a photomap out of a computer assisted program and include it in my work.

Hand-made Reality

The brush and the software The following pair of photomaps have both been designed out of the same picture set. One has been designed out of standard photographic manipulation… The other has been designed using Hugin, a software dedicated to assemble a mosaic of photographs into a complete immersive panorama… A software can’t make mistake…

Postcard Art

A monument is a landscape The following pictures are Photomaps “style” works that are only descriptive. These are not more than beautiful pictures and can’t be considered as being full part of the overall work i endeavoured on composite pictures… Nevertheless, those put the stress on a few key element of my work in a…

23’17” II

It looks different when it is fake ! For those of you who saw the post i wrote about 23’17” and my collaboration with Jérôme Poret, this video contains more information about the exhibition and some live images of the actual work produced out of the model I designed for the artist !

Hotel de Noailles

Not even Drunk ! Yet another cell phone video footage (pretty shaky) from the lounge.Some real nice place there … The result is not as glamorous as the place but is quite a good representation of the vaporous emotion i was feeling wile waiting in a very comfortable nicely designed Italian sofa … Not the…


Stop Motion This very Photomap has been produced out of 280 video frame taken with my iPhone, a few weeks ago in Paris. The big difference between other photomaps and the ones taken with a classic camera (except for the low definition and crappy image quality)  is that no frame is intentional… Thus, only the…

Sound by Artists

Its an abstract landscape. Not a picture, not yet a sound and absolutely not a mural. Its a UFO. A statement that there is something between what is heard, seen and thought.

Street walk

Walkby-shooting on “Quai de Bercy”… I really don’t like Paris but sometimes it is not possible to avoid getting there. Light is like no other in this place and of course looks as it makes me feel.