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Remixer II

Interpretation is still futile Listening to music in a contemplative way is useless its for pedagogic or melancholic purpose and can easily be compared to masturbation unless the listened material is produced live. On the other hand, buttons tickling , recorded streams alteration, slicing and recomposing without indulgence for the broadcasted work and thus building a new space and a new time…

Introitius : Requiem Remix feat. W.A. Mozart

The “Itroitius”, as its name says is the “opening” of W.A. Mozart’s Requiem. It aims to draw the audience into the auditive landscape which is going to be drawn around it. This very fact is the core of my research on this work. It has more in common with architecture than with music. The requiem denies scenography and pt the accent on the environmental aspect of the sound and the very strength resulting from the “echoes” and “reverbs” that churches can offer as a complement to the “instrument” used to make the “writings” sound.