the Motion Picture Show (trailer 1)

by [PH]

Split & Merge & Mix & Remix

The Motion Picture Show is a live performance featuring Video and Audio remixes of Movie trailer by DidouPh aka Pierre-Henri RAMBOZ (myself) and Maud Martin. More than a regular live Veejay & Deejay performance, it is a snapshot of the contemporary mood … a visionary replay of the advertisement flow & entertainment virus. It’s a spin off from a personal project held from 2000 to 2003 in various places around europe and France (Emmetrop, RIXC, La Laiterie …). The MPS tends not to push any statement forward and thus, despite the fact that it tends to organise several messages and discourses as one to summarize the average and overall spirit of the discourse spoken by the Moving Images show business ! The first performance be held October 8th 2010 in a place that none of the performers can tell since its kept secret by the organiser.

Stay in touch … more info will come soon !



by [PH]

Ogives de bonheur, vent de solitude, spirale de candeur

From September 4th to October 30th, works by Jérôme Poret will be featured at the “Galerie Frédéric Giroux“. The window will feature works by Nathalie Bles. Vernissage will take place on September 4th From 18:00 to 21:00.

I’m pleased to announce such an event since i’ve been involved in the design of the model for the installation that the show will feature. Picture related to this collaboration will be added to this blog after the vernissage so be sure to check back later.

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Desir Desir Desir

by [PH]

fold & cut desire …

The 21st of april began the 17th annual movie and art festival “désir-désirs” in Tours. As part of it, some of the papertoy artist of the area, including me, where asked to take part in a collective exhibition on the theme “Amours d’enfance” (childhood loves)… The show Is located downtown Tours @ “La maison des association” and will last until may 21st.

Désir Désirs Official Website / Event Page / Guillinlevillain”s blog


The Motion Picture Show

by [PH]

cut & paste & trash & pile & mix & compress & eat

The Motion Picture Show is a live performance I designed as an evolutive one. Its actually two performances at once. A visual and a musical one at once.

The process of the motion picture show is to gather video data from the internet (news clip, news archive, movie trailer, teasers …) and built a silent movie using those video sample in order to build a narrative movie depicting recent world activity depicted in the media. Once the video part is made, it is presented as a live performance featuring sound from the video sources and some Motion Picture Sound Tracks re-mixed on stage.

There is no backup but the two following ones from the motion picture show performance. Yet a DVD exists but is damaged and thus only the first 15 minutes are visible… enjoy.

Live recording in Bourges @ Germinal for Emmetrop in 2002

A short 2min teaser from the full length performance :

Screenshots :