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Red Video

Cloud Music For Azeline Ménigon aka In Particular, I designed this vidéo to illustrate her song called : “Demande au Séisme”. A. Menigon (voice, guitar & bass) / S. Perrusson (drums) / J. Fante (text)

Postcard Art

A monument is a landscape The following pictures are Photomaps “style” works that are only descriptive. These are not more than beautiful pictures and can’t be considered as being full part of the overall work i endeavoured on composite pictures… Nevertheless, those put the stress on a few key element of my work in a…

Romantic Blast

Easy Picture A good picture is not only the result of an alchemy between the photographer, the subject and the camera put in relation with time, but also a matter of choice, made by the photographer… I’m the one who took that very picture. Despite the fact that its not a bad one, it becomes…


Shooting in motion Drive by shooting has ever been one of my favoured hobbies. It is one of the many advantage of not having a driver licence. You always keep both hands and head free to look around at your leisure during a car drive. Things run fast and you need to look at the…

Blast Season

Early spring and its first cloudy days after the sunny ones … around 2pm … the sky is deeply blue and the clouds are geting thicker … soon is the rain going to fall. All pictures have been taken with an iphone and then have been reworked with the Gimp

Black Session

Black is Light I see no point really in taking black and white photographs, unless the transfer of color scale is a real asset to the subject pictured. Most of the time, black and white photography is just a medium for expert photographer to pretend having any artistic talent. This is mainly due to the…

Recent Blasts

The Blast is yet a psychic trauma but might also be a social/cultural one … recent footage have been performed in disadvantaged residential area of the city … Looking for grace and enlightenment where its not visible is some kind of mystic quest … some initiatory journey …

Street walk

Walkby-shooting on “Quai de Bercy”… I really don’t like Paris but sometimes it is not possible to avoid getting there. Light is like no other in this place and of course looks as it makes me feel.