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Late at last !

Thick & Dark… The new LP release by The Other Color is a cold landscape tinted of pop and beats… Far from 361, they (his) previous album, we are invited to dive in a vaporous sound architecture. Its hard not to compare it to the analog progressive music of the 80′s and not to which you were able to see the sound of it. A blind listening, closed eyes in a dark room, wide stereo in a quiet room, late in the evening, around 22 with a glass of  fine red wine. Turn the turntable on and pump up the volume untill you can ear the needle scratching the groove. It’s like suede when it’s loud. Track 6 gets you close to JM Jarre or Vangelis wile making you smile as what you thought was sad at first sight, turns out to be sarcastic. I love when music is tuned in with semantics to describe potential spaces. I think about the synthetic lines in track 5 transforming into dance music after being simply noisy and meeting later some gigantic electric harps having a chat with some birds diving in a pink noise & some shy sin waves at the gate of a 50hz factory and ends up as an american old fashioned serie intermission theme with rock accents then flanges et bites a strike of distorted guitar and bright synth just before the silence. It tells and it takes… I can’t even tell if it is music ! As with Eliane Radigue, who with subtle variation drags the ear of the assistance as well as its eyes, this opus is also a visual experience.


After the end and before the beginning … Grautag, codename LDRR#027, is a double 12″ vinyl record featuring Bader Motor aka Fred Bigot (electronicat), Vincent Epplay and Arnaud Maguet and mastered by Norsq as part of the eponymous record collection presented by Nicolas Moulin for “Les Disques en Rotin Réunis” … Yet the list of…

Out of the amp

Easy Cheezy “m2 is unadorned expressions with the guitar, written, recorded and conceived exactly as it first spills out of the amp. never planned, always improvised. I cannot recreate these pieces. all music by eric san juan. sample these sounds at will.” I came across this website wile browsing the web at random, seeking for…

Paint It Gray

Grey noise and grey ink As part of the “Festival de poche” Dominique Spiessert, a visual artist, got invited to “perform” his art live and interact with a musician… A saxophonist was scheduled to improvise sound wile “dodo” would improvise drawings … but unfortunately, the instrumentalist declined the offer and Dominique got left alone … Luckily,…

Old Tunes

Dusted & Scratched I just riped a copy of my second album called micromontage released in 2001. It has been designed as a “symphonic” and “progressive” single work using synthetic sounds only. 15 track built against a single and simple composition scheme called stack and collapse. It means that audio layers are piled on top…

Introitius : Requiem Remix feat. W.A. Mozart

The “Itroitius”, as its name says is the “opening” of W.A. Mozart’s Requiem. It aims to draw the audience into the auditive landscape which is going to be drawn around it. This very fact is the core of my research on this work. It has more in common with architecture than with music. The requiem denies scenography and pt the accent on the environmental aspect of the sound and the very strength resulting from the “echoes” and “reverbs” that churches can offer as a complement to the “instrument” used to make the “writings” sound.