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Robby-alpha2b is not a forbidden planet but a Jolicloud. I recently stumbled upon a nice piece of software on my “extra-unity” journey aka Jolicloud. I need to warn you about one or two things before i start. This is not a test but rather a feature walkthrough, hieratic and confused. This article is a review…

Unity-Linux on Facebook

Lets get social ! Recently a facebook group has been created, it will announce the latest achievement in developement and release of Unity-Linux. Its more a place to show support for the project and share it over the internet than a mainstream mean of communication but we hope it will help gather enthousiasm around the…

Mapping the dependencies

David introduced a RPM tracker for the distribution. This system, based on rpm2html is intended to gather and display information about the package designed for and compatible with the Unity-Linux Core. I personally jumped on an informal proposition by gri6507 related to graphviz render of software dependencies.